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Vision – Mission


The company’s mission is aiming to contribute to the social development through company’s activities and giving our employees opportunities to develop themselves. This starting point is an important foundation that help our company satisfy to the reliance of customers and society towards building our company into a self-reliant enterprise.


  • “Ensure Profit”

Our company have to “Ensure Profit” and build a strong financial system. “Ensure Profit” is not merely a guarantee of business profitability, but also aim to the future, inheriting the company’s mission by promoting strong will and high responsibility.

  • “Ensure Safety”

Our company have to “Ensure Safety” and build a healthy working environment. “Ensure Safety” is the most important achievement we are pursuing, and to make it happen, we need to improve our knowledge, ability, technique and skill.

  • “Transparent Business”

Our Company have to make “Transparent Business” and compile every separate parts to build a sustainable organization. “Transparent Business” is the foundation to realize the Business Philosophy “Ensure Profit”, “Ensure Safety” and is an evidence of our honest and square business.

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