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Along with the strong growth of the civil and industrial construction market in general, the construction machinery market also has tremendous development.

From the very basic requirements to the work of construction, safety standards and technical requirements have been strictly established step by step.

The construction machinery in the current key projects not only have to satisfy the technical specifications and safety standards from the contractors, but the lifetime also is being shortened gradually.

This is one of the main motivations for making the contractors as well as equipment suppliers to gradually eliminate old equipments and invest more in the new ones.

In addition, one of the vital requirements of today’s construction is the improvement of work efficiency which ensures the progress of construction and from that ensure the profitability of the contractors.

Deeply understanding these market needs, AMS has and will bring to Viet Nam used as well as new equipments to provide to contractors and partners in Viet Nam with the best quality.

We hope to contribute a small part to the development of the domestic economy in general, ad the development of construction machinery in particular.

Hydraulic mobile cranes

Mobile cranes

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes

BYD forklifts

BYD forklifts

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