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A Brief History 

After the end of the Korean War in 1958, Nippon Salvage Service Co., Ltd. (NSS), a crane machinery and operator leasing firm, was established in Kyoto, Japan. Due in part thanks to the support of the Japanese government and also by utilizing left over machinery from the UN forces, NSS quickly grew in size, helping put people to work and developing Japans infrastructure.

Up until recently NSS has been involved in many projects all over the nation, however due to the 2008 Japanese governments’ interest in investing in the infrastructures of foreign countries NSS established a partner company named Asia Machinery Solutions Co., Ltd. (AMS) in 2009.

AMS, also located in Kyoto, is primarily involved with overseas ventures focusing on international trade and relations. Currently AMS has a branch office located in Hanoi, Vietnam, which conducts crane rental and sales in Vietnam.  As a result AMS Vietnam is currently partnered in major developmental projects such as the Nhat Tan Bridge, Terminal 2, Noi Bai International Airport, Nghi Son Refinery Complex, Lach Huyen Port,…Aside from Vietnam AMS has also recently begun participating in projects in Jakarta, Indonesia

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