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Repair, maintenance services

The periodic maintenance under manufacturer’s instruction is a compulsory requirement for all equipment, especially for the ones with complicated structure and high safety regulations as cranes.

In addition, every manufacturer have separate maintenance requirement for each equipment, which is the same as each kind of equipment and their different parts. This particular requirement will be stipulated in details in equipment’s repair and maintenance manual. The maintenance work for every equipment has to strictly obey these documents.

However, the maintenance work requires a skilled and well-trained technical team in order to be carried out accurately and effectively.

With almost 60 years of experience in equipment especially in cranes and long relationship with Japanese manufacturer, AMS has been building our own skilled technical team in order to reach the strict standards of the maintenance work.

AMS has not only inherited and developed the valuable experiences of the group but also applied and improved the methods of service and maintenance especially repair, so as to correspond with actual conditions and situations in Vietnam.

Despite always leading in approaching the most advanced equipment technology in the world, AMS acknowledges that this is a wide area relating to other profound specialities. Therefore, AMS has incessantly attempted and updated information to gradually improve our services

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Maintenance services

Maintenance services



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